Making Democracy Work

2019 Fall Kickoff

Gearing up for a busy League year!

At the Sept. 19 Fall Kickoff, speaker Denise Lieberman of the Advancement Project said her group is dedicated to equal access to democracy for all. She said, "2020 is shaping up to be one of the most important elections of our lifetime."

Lieberman praised the League for being a plaintiff in two lawsuits against the Secretary of State. One addresses the state's failure to help voters who move be registered at their new address. The other is to make sure the 220,000 voters without a state-issued photo ID can vote.

Stressing that three generations of suffragists fought for the women's right to vote, Lieberman said election reform is a "marathon, not a sprint." She outlined the reforms in an initiated petition measure supported by the League called VOTE2020. The Secretary of State's ballot summary is being challenged in court, but the initiative will include automatic voter registration and no-excuse early voting.

"We have fought long battles to expand access to the ballot box," Lieberman said. She encouraged League members to work to help voters who may be intimidated by current rules navigate those hurdles.