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Jerome Bauer - Candidate for 28th Ward Alderman

  • Running As - Green

  • Occupation - University Lecturer

  • Previous Office Held - 28th Ward Green Party Committeeman, August 2016 - Present

  • Highest Level of Education - PhD, University of Pennsylvania, in Sanskrit Religious Literature

  • Top 3 Priorities:
    "If elected, I would promote:

    1) transparent financing, banning TIF and ending eminent domain abuse to preserve our history by consensus,

    2) tax accountability and local control of non-profits and educational institutions, and

    3) worker's rights, collective bargaining, and a living wage for all."

  • What would you do to establish a cohesive budget?
    I am a Skinker-Debaliviere homeowner fully committed to this community. If elected, in the participatory spirit of Occupy and the international cooperative movement, I would promote direct democracy in the Office of Alderperson, consulting the citizens on which contracts to sign and which to refuse to sign and all budget and oversight duties of the Alderperson, by consensus. I promise to govern according to the principles of the St Louis Green Party,, and to provide tax abatements only to homeowners in need, and to provide homes for the homeless.

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Heather Navarro - Candidate for 28th Ward Alderman

  • Running As - Democrat

  • Occupation - Executive Director, Missouri Coalition for the Environment

  • Previous Office Held - N/A

  • Highest Level of Education - Juris Doctorate, Washington University School of Law (2008)

  • Top 3 Priorities:
    "1. Service: Serving the community and connecting people to the city services and resources they need to thrive.

    2. Safety: Making sure everyone in our community feels safe and welcome and that we are addressing the root causes of crime - such as poverty, lack of education, and unemployment.

    3. Equitable development: Promoting continued growth and development that improves the lives of residents, protects the diverse character of our neighborhoods, supports local business owners, and generates opportunities in neighboring communities."

  • What would you do to establish a cohesive budget?
    "In the City of St. Louis the Board of Aldermen only have the power to say yay or nay to a proposed budget. However, as alderwoman I would work to increase the revenue side of the equation by focusing on efforts to increase population and our tax base. Increasing population in the city will help restore funding sources for vital city services and fund important city departments and programs. The 28th Ward is well-positioned to attract new growth to the city. I would work hard to encourage continued development with financing packages that incentivize growth without sacrificing city resources. I am also interested in ways to restore checks and balances to the city budget process."

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Steven C. Roberts - Candidate for 28th Ward Alderman

  • Running as - Independent

  • Occupation - Founder and President of the Roberts Companies, Roberts Broadcasting Companies, Roberts Hotels Group, Roberts Real Estate Development and attorney

  • Previous Office Held - Alderman 1979 + 1991

  • Highest Level of Education - Graduate Juris Doctorate and Masters of Law/LLM specializing in urban development and law from Washington University, St. Louis

  • Top 3 Priorities:
    "1. Reduce Crime: We must strike the right balance between more police resources, effective prosecution, and addressing the root causes of crime, such as drug addiction, unemployment, and hopelessness.

    2. Rethink Tax Abatements: For too long our city has required too little from developers in exchange for tax abatements and TIFs. No longer should development incentives be automatic or a blank check. They must be judged on the amount of social, economic, and neighborhood benefit they bring.

    3. Take Care of Basics: Basic infrastructure and city services must be enhanced to improve our quality of life. This includes well maintained streets, sidewalks, alleys, bike and walking trails, street lighting, transportation, housing, code enforcement, trash collection, public safety, parks and recreational facilities. Neighborhoods are only as strong as the ability of the Alderperson to respond to your complaints and to get things done."

  • What would you do to establish a cohesive budget?
    "The Missouri Constitution already demands that the city have a balanced budget every year. To see that those dollars are spent most efficiently I would work closely with the St. Louis Comptroller to see that recommendations from her office are implemented. I would also examine what the city gives away in tax abatements to big developers in areas of the city where such excessive incentives may not be needed. I will work to see that our city tax dollars go towards taking care of critical services first and that our tax dollars go further and do more than ever before."

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Celeste Vossmeyer - Candidate for 28th Ward Alderman

  • Running as - Independent

  • Occupation - Adjunct Professor of Law, St. Louis University School of Law

  • Previous Office Held - N/A

  • Highest Level of Education - Juris Doctorate, St. Louis University

  • Top 3 Priorities:
    "As Alderwoman, my first priority is to ensure that the entire ward has an accessible alderwoman who takes care of the big and small issues residents face in the ward. I will also focus on public safety and making sure our ward and city are safer. Last, but not least, I will ensure that responsible development happens here in the ward and across the city. "

  • What would you do to establish a cohesive budget?
    "In an effort to improve all city residents' quality of life, I would look at the full picture of the city and its needs. I will work with regional and local partners to ensure no area or group of residents are left behind and their needs are met to the best of our ability."

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