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City/County Governance Committee

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April 2019 Annual Report
The committee is tasked with studying the "Better Together" proposal for City/County Merger. Eighteen members have joined the committee more are welcome. So far we have met 3 times and discussed reports on the 160-page document found on the Better Together web site. Currently Better Together has submitted one original and two changed Constitutional amendments on which to formulate petitions for inclusion on the 2021 statewide ballot. We have divided this 25-page document and will present the results at our next meeting on May 7.
Our preliminary study finds many areas where the Better Together plan does not agree with League principals and positions. However, the League has always supported efforts to streamline city and county governments and will continue to look for ways to achieve this goal. The committee will present its recommendations to the Metro Board in a timely manner for the board to take action on the ballot issue.
-- Debby Howard and Nadida Matin

March 2019 - The City County Governance Study Group is researching all aspects of the proposed Better Together merger of St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Research materials expected by the summer of 2019.