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Environmental Quality Committee

The League has positions in support of the environment The committee studies laws and regulations to understand how they would promote or discourage League EQ positions.

Air Quality

  • Support of improved air quality and an interstate regional approach to solve air pollution problems.
  • Support of emission standards for air pollutants as a means of improving the air quality of the metropolitan area by providing standards which can be legally enforced on the individual polluter.
  • Support of national industrial emission standards, with any region retaining the right to establish more stringent standards.
  • Support a mandatory emergency plan for protection of the health and welfare of the community when a high air pollution potential exists in the area and pollution reaches a dangerous level.
  • Support for the authorization of a single regional agency to set and enforce standards to control air pollution in the St. Louis air quality region.

    Land Use
  • Support for the adoption and management by county and municipal governments of land use plans which incorporate a sound policy development based upon the goals, needs and resources of those communities and provide for citizen input.

    Solid Waste
  • Support of planning for the proper management and disposal of solid waste.

    Water Quality
  • Support of improved water quality with emphasis on the Metropolitan Sewer District and improved communications between MSD and the citizens.
  • Support changes that better meet the needs of both city and county.


    April 2019 Annual Report
Environmental Quality Committee acts on environmental issues concerning resource management, protection, and pollution control including issues related to land use, air quality, water, energy and waste issues acting under local, state and national LWV positions. The EQ Committee continues to work with other organizations on Environmental Quality Issues including Missouri Clean Energy Coalition, Missouri Coalition for the Environment, and EQ committee members serve on the Air Quality Advisory Committee and the Water Resources Council of the East-West Gateway Council on Governments, the Rate Commission of the Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District, Greater St Louis Transit Alliance, Missouri Clean Energy Coalition, St Louis County's Committee on Solid Waste Management, MORA (Missouri Recycling Association), Sierra Club, and numerous other church and community environmental organizations.

The EQ Committee continued to monitor national, state and local environmental issues including: US EPA, Missouri Legislature and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, West Lake Landfill and Metropolitan Sewer District.

The LWV Metro STL and the EQ committee advocated for environmental issues this past year. Action alerts and testimony were submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding Affordable Clean Energy Rule and Reduction of vehicle energy efficiency standard. Testimony was also submitted to EPA regarding the West Lake Landfill decision. Action alerts and testimony were submitted to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources regarding Missouri Clean Water Commission, Mo Water Protection, and the Brighton Landfill. Working with the Missouri Clean Energy Coalition member organizations, LWV Metro STL and the EQ committee issued action alerts, testified and sent letters to the St. Louis City resulting in St Louis City became the first municipality in the Midwest to adopt the 2018 International Code including the International Energy Conservation Code. LWV Metro STL/EQ committee signed on to the letter submitted by the Missouri Clean Energy Coalition to introduce its mission and member organizations to Governor Parsons. Members of the Coalition met with Kayla Hahan, Policy Director and Jeff Earl Assistant Policy Director on February 4th for a useful discussion of clean energy, environmental protection, legislation, and filling open commission memberships etc. In 2018 the LWV Metro STIL was selected to be one of the 15 community organizations on the Metropolitan Sewer Rate Commission; and Mickey Croyle EQ Chair now serves on the Commission. The Commission reviewed the Stormwater Rate Proposal that will be on the April 2019 Ballot. EQ requested and the LWV Metro STL Board voted to support Proposition S. The MSD Rate Commission is currently meeting for the 2020 Waste Water Rate Proposal review.

EQ committee meets quarterly and uses email to conduct necessary action and business between meetings. All members are welcomed. The EQ Committee reviewed Natural Resource Positions in January as part of Program Planning. The review identified the numerous positions at all League Levels supporting action on climate change and current environmental issues. The EQ Committee provided educational articles on Environmental Issues in the ILR.

Mickey Croyle, Chair
Committee Members: Mary Archer, Karen Brawn, Nancy Hutchins, Michelle Lorenzini, Jitka Olander, Nancy Price, Kathy Quigley, Libby Reimers, Michelle Salois and Louise Wilkerson.

March 2019

If approved, the Stormwater Capital Rate would fund property buyouts, rainscaping, natural creek bank stabilization, and installation of stormwater drainage systems.
This rate increase will improve water quality in the region and provide capital improvements to fund projects to correct localized flooding, regional flooding and erosion concerns at an average charge for a single-family home of $2.25 per month or $27.00 per year.
The LWVSTL serves on the Rate Commission and its findings supported the MSD request and found that the proposed rate does impose a fair and reasonable burden on all classes of ratepayer.