Making Democracy Work

Policing Committee

April 2019 Annual Report

The Policing Study Group found that the word "policing" evokes many issues to many people: crowd control/public safety, investigatory stops, incarceration, police demographics, police compensation/resources/tax support, jurisdictions, privacy/unreasonable search and seizure, appropriate use of force, voting rights and civic participation, and property forfeitures, to name a few.

While the current national League positions do not specifically address policing, LWVUS' concern for social justice as evidenced by numerous positions published in Impact on the Issues is the obvious intersection of policing activities and the League's sphere of influence.

The committee provided several suggested action items:
* Educate ourselves and the public about controversial aspects of policing
* Stand with other civic groups, vetted and approved by the LWV Board, to increase public awareness of policing issues.
* Increase non-convicted incarcerated voting participation through registration and education efforts.
* Increase former-felon voting participation through registration and education efforts.
* Write a League Position on policing within the Social Policy section aimed at national acceptance.

--Policing Study Group (Kathy Brown, Chris Jones, Mary Leopold, Carol Prombo, Anne Sappington

March 2019 - Committee continues to review many aspects of policing in St. Louis City and St. Louis County and is trying to determine where a position by the League could make a difference.