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League of Women Voters Speakers Bureau

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The League of Women Voters of Metro StL Speakers Bureau is a service providing information to the public through presentations about Elections, Voting, and the Responsibilities of Citizenship.

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LWV Speakers Bureau The League of Women Voters has been providing this community education service for over 50 years. While we strive to make this service available to our community at no cost, we warmly welcome contributions so we can expand our outreach.

Here are our current Speakers Bureau Topics:

  • Voter Photo ID - New Missouri photo law and your rights within it.

  • Fall Ballot Issues - Overview of issues on the Nov. 6 ballot, including government ethics reform, raising the minimum wage, legalizing marijuana and Bingo

  • Amendment 1/CLEAN Missouri - Campaign finance reform and redistricting initiative

  • Elections and Voting - General civics presentation on the process of elections and voting.

  • Electoral College - What is the electoral college?

  • National Popular Vote - The NPV will elect as President the person who receives the most votes in the COUNTRY based on an agreement between the states.

  • Minimum Wage - Explaining the living wage and Prop B, Raise Up Missouri's effort to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023.

  • Suffragist History - A narrated pictorial history of the Suffrage movement and it's impact and relevance today.

  • Transportation, Equity, and Safety - A breakdown of transportation funding and taxation in Missouri with suggestions on improvement.

  • Nonpartisan Court Plan - How Missouri picks its judges, what threatens nonpartisan selection, and how to maintain the current court plan.

  • Voting 101 - Intro to Voting.

  • History of Voting Rights - The fight for Voting Rights throughout history, how the vote gets suppressed, how it's still happening today, and what we can do about it.

  • Youth Voting - How to engage young people in the civic process.

  • Youth, Why Vote? - A presentation on why voting matters to young people.

  • Current Ballot Issues - Presentations specific to current ballot initiatives.


If you would like to request a presentation fill out the form below. The information will immediately be emailed to us, and we will contact you quickly.

or call the League office (314-961-6869) or send us an email.