Making Democracy Work



League members enjoyed Insight Theatre Company's production of Silent Sky on Oct. 21. The inspirational drama by Lauren Gunderson spotlights astrophysicist Henrietta Leavitt who worked as a female computer at the Harvard Observatory and made a significant discovery about stars in the early 1900s. The audience cheered when her colleague Annie Cannon (played by Elizabeth Ann Townsend) appeared on stage as a suffragist wearing a Votes for Women sash. Artistic director Maggie Ryan, UMSL astrophysicist Dr. Erica Gibb and the fabulous cast answered questions after the show.

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Producers: Delmar Gardens Family, Agnes & Dave Garino, Joan Hubbard, Nancy & Bill Miller, Cynthia Mitchell, Irma Ruebling and K Wentzien

Directors: Kathy Brown, Anne Sappington and Sydell Shayer

Actors: Liz & Rick Aurbach, Julie Behrens, Lois Bliss, Mary Brown, Lori Calcaterra, Elaine Coe, Marjorie Courtney, Sue Dellbringge, Angie Dunlap, Naomi Edmonds, Kathleen Farrell & Julian Long, Susan Fluegel, Jeanne Morrel-Franklin, Eve & Jeff Golden, Pat Gray, Barbara Harris, Debby Howard, Andrea Jackson, Mary Karr, Danielle Kimbrel, Martha Ott, Susie Philpott, Pat Rich, Cathy Satkowski, Catherine Stenger, Peggy Vickroy, Louise Wilkerson and Iva Youkilis